Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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United Russia party backs Putin’s pick for next prime minister

United Russia party has said that they will support any candidate suggested by the President Vladimir Putin for next Prime Minister.

India likely to invite Pakistani Prime Minister to SCO summit

India will likely to invite Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit later this year.

Russian entire government resigned after Putin calls for reforms

Russian entire government resigned after President Vladimir Putin has called for constitutional reforms and governing structures.

British Prime Minister rejects second referendum request

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has officially rejected second formal independence referendum request the Scottish government.

Lahore High court declared special court for Musharraf ‘unconstitutional’

Lahore High court has declared special court as 'unconstitutional' and unlawful that was formed for Musharraf treason case.

Thai protesters turn out to ‘Run Against Dictatorship’

Thai protesters call for government of Prayuth Chan-ocha to go, in peaceful event that was followed by rival walk backing Prayuth.

Libyan Haftar forces announce conditional ceasefire

Libyan eastern forces loyal to commander Khalifa Haftar announced a conditional ceasefire in the western region, which includes the capital Tripoli.

EU leaders to hold emergency summit to save Nuclear deal

EU leaders have decided to hold emergency summit and will try to convince US and Iran to give chance to peace,leave the...

Hamdok visit to rebel stronghold Kauda raises hope for peace

Hamdok makes first visit to rebel stronghold Kauda as Prime Minister of Sudan which has raised hope for peace in the country.

Pakistan “will never get involved” in other countries’ wars,PM Imran

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we will never participate in anyone else's war again as we have paid high...

Iran launches ballistic missiles targeting US presence in Iraq

Iran's Revolutionary Guards launched over a dozen ballistic missiles at at least two US targets in Iraq in retaliation for the killing...

UK moves closer to leaving European Union

UK Parliament will pass landmark legislation enacting the country's departure from the European Union bloc,MPs finally set to approve Brexit deal.

Asylum seekers will be send to Guatemala under US new plan

Asylum seekers will be send to Guatemala Under a bilateral new agreement signed by the Central American nation last year.

Iran’s FM says US denied him a visa to attend UN...

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's has said his attendance at the Security Council was planned before Soleimani was killed.

Bolivia to choose new president on May 3

Bolivia will hold elections to choose a president, vice president and members of the legislative assembly on May 3,Bolivia's electoral tribunal says.

Japan casino raided,investigation underway for possible ties to politicians

Japan police has raided arcade operator casino gaming company who operates pachinko parlours,a highly popular form of legal gambling in Japan.

Croatian voters to elect new president in tight three-way race

Croatian voters will head to the polls to choose their next president amid criticism that leading candidates range only from the right...

Uzbekistan gears up for parliamentary elections

Uzbekistan gears up for parliamentary and local council elections today,Despite economic and social reforms,elections are limited to five political parties.

Demonstrators keep protesting after Abdelmadjid election win

Demonstrators are to the streets of Algiers after former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune was declared the winner of election.

Saad Hariri refuse to be PM again

Saad Hariri the former prime minister said he does not want to be next PM,earlier he had resigned last month, bowing to...

Davos in the desert investment summit begins in KSA

Davos in the desert investment summit begins in KSA.Top finance moguls and political leaders are set to attend a Davos-style Saudi investment...

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau receives threat

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had received threat which that forced him to wear a bulletproof vest at a campaign rally on Saturday. The vest was...