Proximity growing between Qatar,Saudi Arabia

Proximity growing between Qatar,Saudi Arabia

Proximity growing between Qatar and Saudi Arabia as UAE,KSA and Bahrain will take part in Gulf Cup in Qatar from November 24 to December 6.

Asian Champions and hosts Qatar are drawn against the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen and Iraq in Group A at the 24th Gulf Cup to be held in Doha from November 24 to December 6.

Defending champions Oman are in Group B where they will be joined by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain in the group stages.

The rescheduled draw took place in Doha on Thursday evening, after Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain confirmed they would take part in this year’s tournament, reversing an earlier decision to boycott the event.

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The UAE Football Association said in a statement on Tuesday that it decided to participate in the tournament, which has traditionally featured all the Gulf nations, “after receiving a new invitation from the Arab Gulf Cup Federation”.

Similar statements were issued by the Saudi and Bahraini football associations, announcing their participation after receiving new invitations.

The Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation said it “appreciated the response to the invitations”, which were “presented as an attempt to reunite the friends under the umbrella of the tournament”, QNA, Qatar’s state-run news agency, reported.

“The tournament has always been one of the successful means to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love among the peoples of the region, which underlined its ability to overcome the challenges under the circumstances the region is undergoing”,Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation said.

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Proximity between Gulf Countries increased as KSA,UAE are ready to play Gulf cup in Qatar.

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