UK got new deadline

UK got new deadline

UK has been gotten new deadline for Brexit from EU as EU agrees to delay Brexit until January 31.Deadline has been changed second time since June 2016.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not resign as a result of failing to pull Britain out of the European Union on October 31 a deadline he repeatedly promised “do or die” would be adhered to.

Johnson’s office is setting up a narrative blaming MPs in the House of Commons for his failure, after the European Council agreed on Monday morning to grant Britain a new Brexit delay to January 31 next year.

“The prime minister has worked tirelessly to get a Brexit deal which he did, despite being told it was impossible,” a Downing Street spokesperson said

“He brought the legislation to Parliament last week, where it was blocked.”

While MPs voted to continue consideration of the EU divorce deal, Johnson’s administration had scheduled just three days for debate and discussion of more than 100 pages of legislative text and another 400 pages of legal documentation given the scale of the consitutional implications, it was not a timetable that parliamentarians would accept.
“The EU 27 has agreed that it will accept the UK’s request for a Brexit flextension.The decision is expected to be formalized through a written procedure,” European Council President Donald Tusk posted on Twitter.


Tusk’s announcement came as European Union diplomats met in Brussels to sign off on the new delay to Britain’s departure from the bloc, which had been due in just three days, on October 31.

If Boris Johnson convinces the UK parliament to approve an amicable divorce accord before next year, Brexit could happen on November 30 or December 31.

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But in the meantime, London must nominate a senior official to serve on the next European Commission and must agree that the withdrawal agreement it struck last month will not now be renegotiated, according to the EU text.
It is the second time the Brexit deadline has been changed since the 2016 referendum on Britain’s departure from the EU.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said on Monday it had been a “short and efficient and constructive meeting”, adding: “I’m very happy that a decision has been taken.”
A delay could have been agreed last week, but France was reluctant, concerned it would do nothing to boost the chances of Britain deciding how to handle the end of its five-decade relationship with the European Union.

Johnson had been pushing for a definitive break on October 31 after finally striking a withdrawal deal with fellow EU leaders at an October 17 summit.

But he has yet to persuade sceptical British MPs to ratify the accord, raising the spectre of a chaotic “no-deal” Brexit and severe economic disruption in the United Kingdom.

The next step would be for London to formally accept the extension, after which Tusk will ask the EU capitals to sign off on it.

UK has got new deadline and deadline has been changed second time since the 2016 referendum on Britain’s departure from the EU.

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