Trump impeachment Inquiry going against Trump

Trump impeachment Inquiry going against Trump
Trump impeachment Inquiry going against Trump :File Photo

Trump impeachment Inquiry has found witness of trump-ukraine president call as mike pompeo has confirmed he has heard the call between both leaders.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed he was listening in as the president asked Ukraine to investigate a political opponent.
The call between Donald Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky is at the centre of a Democratic impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.
Mike Pompeo dodged questions about the call in an interview just days ago.
President Trump denies improperly pressuring Ukraine and has accused opponents of mounting a “coup”.
During the conversation, which triggered a whistleblower’s formal complaint, the US president asked Mr Zelensky to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
Mr Pompeo’s admission during a news conference in Italy came after media reported he was party to the conversation as well. “I was on the phone call,” Mr Pompeo said.
He did not directly answer a question on whether anything in the phone call alarmed him, but said it had focused on US policy with Ukraine.

Trump impeachment Inquiry is still in process while observers predicting it might end with trump impeachment.