Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Donald Trump threatens to pull money from ‘sanctuary’ cities

Donald Trump has threatens to pull federal money from so-called 'sanctuary' cities and states that limit cooperation. United States President Donald Trump on Thursday said...

Former US Congressman ends 2020 Republican bid against Trump

Former US congressman Joe Walsh has ended his long-shot campaign to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination in the presidential election.

US security contractor kidnapped in Afghanistan

US security contractor has been kidnapped in Afghanistan,latest instance of a foreigner being taken in the war-torn country where abductions are common.

US envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation briefs Ashraf Ghani

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has briefed Afghan president on peace talks with Taliban.

Trump impeachment trial to end but with severe aftershocks

Trump's impeachment trial could end in acquittal when Republicans will vote,but its aftershocks will likely to rock United States.

Taliban claims they have shot down US plane

Taliban claims that they have shot down United States Military aircraft in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, south of the capital.

Palestinians rejects Trump ‘peace plan’ expected to favour Israel

Palestinians rejects Donald Trump meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and said will not recognise 'peace plan' expected to favour Israel.

Pro-gun campaigners gathers in Richmond that raises fears of violence

Pro-gun campaigners are gathering in the Richmond City of Virginia for a rally that raises fears of violence,authorities says.

Facebook in trouble as Four firms reaches US court for anti-competitive...

Facebook has been sued by Four firms for anti-competitive action,asked US court to order Mark Zuckerberg to give up control of the...

Ukraine launches probe into alleged spying on ex-US ambassador

Ukraine has launched criminal investigation on possible illegal surveillance of former American ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

US lawmakers reject Trump’s new claim about Soleimani

US lawmakers have rejected trump new claim that US assassinated General Qassem Soleimani because he was planning an attack on four American...

Asylum seekers will be send to Guatemala under US new plan

Asylum seekers will be send to Guatemala Under a bilateral new agreement signed by the Central American nation last year.

British ex-foreign ministers warns of ‘wider consequences’ in Soleimani killing

British ex-foreign ministers have weighed in on the debate over the assassination of prominent Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

US military base attacked by Al-Shabaab

US military base in Lamu county known as 'Camp Simba' has attacked by al-Shabaab,base was used by both American and Kenyan military...

China approves two GM crops for import from US

China has approved two new genetically modified (GM) crops and renewed 10 other such crops licenses as trade tensions with the US...

Trump repeating previous election strategy to win again

Trump is repeating previous election strategy to win again electoral college votes in key states.He aims to make inroads in the Jewish-American...

Pentagon denies Wall Street Journal report

Pentagon has categorically denied Wall Street Journal report that US was weighing sending up to 14,000 more troops to the Middle East.

US to restore tariffs on steel and aluminium

US to restore tariffs on all steel and aluminium shipped to US from Brazil and Argentina as Trump accuses both countries of...

US ambassador accused of sexual misconduct

US ambassador to European Union has been accused of sexual misconduct by three women who say he retaliated against them after they...

Trump impeachment hearings starts with testimony

Trump impeachment inquiry is set to deepen this week with at least nine current and former US officials scheduled to testify in...

Jail guards charged with falsifying records

Jail guards who guarded Jeffrey Epstein's cell the night he killed himself have been charged with falsifying prison records.

Missouri Abortion Law Suspended

Missouri:Kansas City Judge Howard Sachs said the law, which bans abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy, violates the Supreme Court’s ruling that guarantees...