Missouri Abortion Law Suspended

Missouri:Kansas City Judge Howard Sachs said the law, which bans abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy, violates the Supreme Court’s ruling that guarantees the right to an abortion as long as the fetus is not viable.

“However formulated, the legislation on its face conflicts with the Supreme Court ruling that neither legislative nor judicial limits on abortion can be measured by specified weeks of development of a fetus,” Sachs said.

He did not, however, block the portion of the law that would ban terminations on the basis of fetal sex, race or risk of Down syndrome.

Several conservative southern and central US states have launched sweeping attempts to limit abortion rights by adopting laws that ban the practice early in a pregnancy.

The legislation is aimed at triggering legal challenges that could bring the question back to the Supreme Court, which legalized abortion in the landmark Roe v. Wade case in 1973.

Reproductive health care organization Planned Parenthood hailed Tuesday’s ruling on Twitter.

“What little abortion access in Missouri is left, will stay in place for the time being. In the meantime, we can’t ignore the part of this law that remains in place – which allows politicians to interfere with the patient-provider relationship,” Planned Parenthood acting president and CEO Alexis McGill wrote.

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