Saturday, September 30, 2023
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West African leaders on high-stakes mission to defuse political crisis

West African leaders Presidents of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal arrive in Bamako in a bid to defuse Mali's weeks-long political crisis. West...

Spanish king under pressure to act on scandal allegations

Spanish King Felipe greeted by hundreds of chanting protesters during a visit to Catalonia as pressure mounted on him to respond to corruption allegations. Chanting...

Far-right demonstrators clash with London Police

Far-right and anti-racism protesters rallied in London, despite strict police restrictions and warnings to stay home to contain the coronavirus. Demonstrations have been taking place...

Protesters rally in Najaf calls for investigation into deadly violence

Protesters rally in central-south Iraq city Najaf calls for investigation into deadly violence amid international condemnation.

Russian entire government resigned after Putin calls for reforms

Russian entire government resigned after President Vladimir Putin has called for constitutional reforms and governing structures.

Thai protesters turn out to ‘Run Against Dictatorship’

Thai protesters call for government of Prayuth Chan-ocha to go, in peaceful event that was followed by rival walk backing Prayuth.

Doctors,teachers and lawyers joins France Strike

Doctors,teachers,lawyers and others joined a nationwide day of protests and strikes Thursday to denounce Macron's plans to overhaul the pension system.

Bolivia to choose new president on May 3

Bolivia will hold elections to choose a president, vice president and members of the legislative assembly on May 3,Bolivia's electoral tribunal says.

United States deploys more troops to Middle East

United States has deployed 750 troops to Middle East after Baghdad embassy attack in which hundreds protesters had stormed compound in Iraq.

Ukraine,Russia working on new prisoner swap

Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists in the country’s east have undertaken an exchange of prisoners that may lead towards peace a deal.

Significant loss recorded in Indian tourism industry

Significant loss recorded in Indian tourism industry as large number of foreign tourist groups have cancelled their bookings to Agra.

BJP loses polls in Jharkhand where mob killed many

BJP has lost the Jharkhand state on which they have strong hold since 2014,It is seen as setback for Prime Minister Narendra...

Cameroon’s parliament grants “special status”to Anglophone region

Cameroon's parliament has passed law allowing English-speaking regions 'special status' in a bid to calm the deadly conflict.

Amnesty urges Sudan deliver on protesters demands

Amnesty has urged Sudan’s transitional government to deliver on popular demands for sweeping change as the country marked first anniversary of protests.

Italy’s anti-Salvini rally to counter emerging nationalism

Italy's anti-Salvini rally now has planned for Italian capital Rome after several successful demonstrations.Salvini was in Bologna to kick off his campaign.

Controversial bill Sparks Panic and Protests in India

Controversial bill has sparked Panic and Protests in India as it seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslim minorities.

Iran’s President announced budget of resistance

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani announced what he called a $39bn "budget of resistance" to counter US sanctions following a fuel price rise.

Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi submits resignation

Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi has submitted his resignation to parliament,Iraqi Parliament will decide PM's fate amid ongoing anti-government protests.

Saad Hariri refuse to be PM again

Saad Hariri the former prime minister said he does not want to be next PM,earlier he had resigned last month, bowing to...

Lebanese former finance ministers nomination sparked protests

Lebanese former finance minister and business tycoon Mohammed Safadi nomination has sparked protests in Beirut and Tripoli.

Yellow vest one year anniversary turned violent

Yellow vest movement one year anniversary turned violent as Paris Police has used tears gas and water cannon on the protesters.

Hezbollah,allies role after Hariri resignation

Hezbollah and its allies roles are important after Hariri.Protesters want the caretaker government to be replaced with a cabinet of independent experts.