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Protesters rally in Najaf calls for investigation into deadly violence

Protesters rally in central-south Iraq city Najaf calls for investigation into deadly violence amid international condemnation.

Lebanon forms new government despite of protests

Lebanon has formed new government breaking a months-long impasse amid ongoing mass protests and economic turmoil,Hezbollah and its allies clinched a deal.

Russian entire government resigned after Putin calls for reforms

Russian entire government resigned after President Vladimir Putin has called for constitutional reforms and governing structures.

Thai protesters turn out to ‘Run Against Dictatorship’

Thai protesters call for government of Prayuth Chan-ocha to go, in peaceful event that was followed by rival walk backing Prayuth.

Russian police raid Vladimir Putin top critic

Russian police has raided Alexei Navalny office,he is top critic of corruption and Putin and also a regular participant in Russian March,...

Amnesty urges Sudan deliver on protesters demands

Amnesty has urged Sudan’s transitional government to deliver on popular demands for sweeping change as the country marked first anniversary of protests.

Demonstrators keep protesting after Abdelmadjid election win

Demonstrators are to the streets of Algiers after former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune was declared the winner of election.

Controversial bill Sparks Panic and Protests in India

Controversial bill has sparked Panic and Protests in India as it seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslim minorities.

Bolivia Congress approves new elections excluding Preceded president

Bolivia Congress has excluded Evo Morales who claims to have been a victim of a coup after losing the support of the...

Interim president asked demonstrators to stage daily protests

Interim president Juan Guaido have called on demonstrators to keep up the pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.

Hong Kong protest: Government found new way to tackle protest

Hong Kong protest:Authorities is all set to announce ban on wearing face masks at public gatherings. Officials plan to use emergency legislation dating from the...