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Top 10 Moments When Trump Lost 2020 Election

Top 10 turns of destiny that set up Joseph Robinette Biden’s overtime victory and which made Donald John Trump to lost. #1 February 26: It was...

Poland plans to propose mail-only presidential election, sources say

Poland coalition plans to propose legislation to allow both postal and in-person voting in a presidential election postponed from last Sunday,sources said. Planning for the...

Tunisian presidential candidate paid ex-Mossad agent $250,000

Tunisian presidential candidate has paid Canada-based lobbyist and ex-Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe $250,000 to advocate him.

Malawi top banker arrested in election bribery case

Malawi top banker Thomson Mpinganjira arrested,he was accused of attempting to bribe judges presiding over the presidential election vote-rigging case.

Burundi outgoing President to get luxury villa,over $500,000

Burundi outgoing President Pierre Nkurunziza will get luxury villa and over $500,000,he will not contest in the coming poll too.

Comoros opposition boycotts votes in parliamentary poll

Comoros opposition parties have boycotted votes in first round of a parliamentary election and said they would not contest 24 seats.

Austria’s Green party to pay high price for it coalition with...

Austria’s Green party to pay high price for it dangerous coalition with conservative,Greens are enabling anti-immigration policies.

Bolivia to choose new president on May 3

Bolivia will hold elections to choose a president, vice president and members of the legislative assembly on May 3,Bolivia's electoral tribunal says.

US presidential candidate admits his campaign used prison labour

US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has admitted that his 2020 presidential campaign used prison labour to push out his message.

Croatian voters to elect new president in tight three-way race

Croatian voters will head to the polls to choose their next president amid criticism that leading candidates range only from the right...

Trump repeating previous election strategy to win again

Trump is repeating previous election strategy to win again electoral college votes in key states.He aims to make inroads in the Jewish-American...

Saad Hariri refuse to be PM again

Saad Hariri the former prime minister said he does not want to be next PM,earlier he had resigned last month, bowing to...

Bolivia Congress approves new elections excluding Preceded president

Bolivia Congress has excluded Evo Morales who claims to have been a victim of a coup after losing the support of the...

President Klaus Iohannis set to be re-elected

President Klaus Iohannis is all set to be re-elected in a presidential runoff on November 24 over Ex-Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă.

Sri Lankan new president Picked Tamil crusher as PM

Sri Lankan new president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has picked his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa known for Tamil tiger crusher as new Prime Minister.

Sri Lanka Presidential voting stir ethnic tensions

Sri Lanka presidential voting stir ethnic tensions,Minorities fear return of Gotabaya Rajapaksa in presidential election.

Sri Lankan presidential election to be held on 16 November

Sri Lankan presidential election will be the 8th presidential election,which will elect new president for next five years On November 16.

Presidential election:Bernie Sanders in critical condition

Presidential election:Bernie Sanders was hospitalized after experiencing chest pain now his condition is critical sources claims. Senator Bernie Sanders has halted campaigning for president after being...

Tunisians are voting to elect their Savior in economic crisis

Tunisians are voting to elect one president from Twenty-six candidates who are running in the uncertain first round. They include the media mogul Nabil...

Nessma TV owner arrest rocks presidential election:Tunisia

Tunisian media tycoon who’s a leading presidential candidate is shaking the country’s young democracy and throwing the campaign into unsureness.