Friday, April 23, 2021
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Ashraf Ghani and rival strike power-sharing deal

Ashraf Ghani and his rival signed a power-sharing deal to end political stalemate, a step that could smooth efforts to end the country’s long-running...

China says it supports WHO in tracing COVID-19, denounces US ‘lies’

China said it supports WHO in trying to pinpoint the origins of COVID-19 and accused Mike Pompeo of telling one lie after another in...

Pompeo strikes conciliatory tone over Huawei

Pompeo strikes conciliatory tone over Chinese communication network Huawei and has said that we will 'resolve difference' over Huawei.

Trump personal lawyer contacted Pompeo revealed in new documents

Trump personal lawyer has contacted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a key point in the Ukraine affair newly released papers says.

Afghan Taliban, US deal Draft at final stage

Taliban sources confirmed that they are optimistic for the deal with USA in coming few days. The insurgent group said, as Secretary of State Mike...