Saturday, July 4, 2020
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American top Court rules to uphold abortion rights

American Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law regulating abortion clinics, reasserting a commitment to abortion rights. It was the Supreme Court's first ruling on...

US Supreme Court limits SEC power to obtain profits gained via...

US supreme Court limits SEC power in an 8-1 ruling and said what can be sought via disgorgement cannot exceed net profits of conduct...

US president may try again to limit DACA immigrant protections

US president may try to limit immigrant protections as Supreme Court had left door open for him to rescind programme affecting 650,000 immigrants. US President...

US Supreme Court begins historic session with arguments broadcast live

US Supreme Court begins historic session with live broadcast of teleconference arguments, after delays due to coronavirus. The United States Supreme Court made history on...

Polish senate votes down controversial draft

Polish senate votes down controversial draft law which aims to punish judges those who raises fingers on government reforms.

Lahore High court declared special court for Musharraf ‘unconstitutional’

Lahore High court has declared special court as 'unconstitutional' and unlawful that was formed for Musharraf treason case.

Rohingya genocide took Myanmar to ICJ

Rohingya genocide cases has reached the international criminal justice,Myanmar sets up special legal unit which will advise Myanmar on ICJ.

Julian Assange ‘could die’ doctors tell authorities

Julian Assange 'could die' in jail his condition is critical,some 60 doctors tell British interior minister in open letter.

Journalist freed in extramarital sex and abortion case

Journalist has been released in extramarital sex and abortion case,along with her fiance, a doctor and two of his colleagues by Morocco's...

Supreme court justices to hear Abortion case

Supreme court justices agreed to hear a abortion case that could lead to new curbs on access to procedure as it considers legality of...
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