Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Which countries in Europe have opened their borders?

Across Europe, governments have started to open their borders after weeks of closure during the coronavirus pandemic. With the summer holiday season upon us, people...

Judge rules to keep five people in jail over Ghosn escape

Judge in Turkey has ruled to keep five suspects in jail at the start of their trial over former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn’s escape. A...

Taiwan bid to attend key WHO meeting will fail,China says

Taiwan will fail in its bid to join key meeting of WHO amid efforts to rein in pandemic as its efforts are based on...

China says it supports WHO in tracing COVID-19, denounces US ‘lies’

China said it supports WHO in trying to pinpoint the origins of COVID-19 and accused Mike Pompeo of telling one lie after another in...

Asian and European Stocks,oil start new quarter with more losses

Asian and European stocks and oil prices fell,as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruptions to economies the world over. As infections continue to rise...

Spain records highest daily deaths while coronavirus cases exceed 100,000

Spain sees highest daily deaths at 864 as Iran's total toll passes 3,000 over last 24 hours in worst crisis, while coronavirus cases exceed...

Kim govt fires more missiles than ever amid coronavirus pandemic

Kim government ballistic missile tests mark the fourth such launch this month as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic. North Korea has fired two suspected...

Pakistani rider Usman Khan rides Azad Kashmir to Olympics

Pakistan's first ever equestrian to qualify for the Games will compete with horse named after the Azad Kashmir at Tokyo 2020.

Five Foreign Companies interested in saving Malaysia Airlines

Five Foreign Companies from Europe,Asia and the Middle East are interested in saving Malaysia Airlines Berhad from crisis.

British ex-foreign ministers warns of ‘wider consequences’ in Soleimani killing

British ex-foreign ministers have weighed in on the debate over the assassination of prominent Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

Germans Transgender demands compensation after forced sterilisation

Germans Transgender demanding compensation after forced sterilisation,Prior to legal reform in 2011 sterilisation was mandatory.

Renault-Nissan ex-boss left Japan after alleged financial misconduct

Renault-Nissan former boss Carlos Ghosn confirms that he has left Japan and facing trial in Japan for alleged financial misconduct.

Japan casino raided,investigation underway for possible ties to politicians

Japan police has raided arcade operator casino gaming company who operates pachinko parlours,a highly popular form of legal gambling in Japan.

Japan,china,South Korea leaders agrees to help N Korea-US dialogue

Japan,china and South Korea leaders agreed to help promote North Korea-US dialogue to end North Korea's nuclear programme.

Russian Military working on major project of Fighters Jet

Russian Military is going ahead with the development of 6th Generation combat aircraft which is expected to be unmanned but there will be an...