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Aasia Bibi acquitted of blasphemy offered asylum in France

Aasia Bibi a Pakistani woman who was acquitted of blasphemy last year,She has been living in Canada after leaving Pakistan last year. Aasia Bibi, a...

South African court issues Zuma arrest warrant

South African court has issued ex-president Jacob Zuma arrest warrant after no-show at pre-trial hearing over corruption charges.

British Steel rescue under threat as France opposes deal

British Steel rescue under threat because British Steel owns a plant in Hayange in northern France that supplies rail to French state...

Doctors,teachers and lawyers joins France Strike

Doctors,teachers,lawyers and others joined a nationwide day of protests and strikes Thursday to denounce Macron's plans to overhaul the pension system.

Yellow vest one year anniversary turned violent

Yellow vest movement one year anniversary turned violent as Paris Police has used tears gas and water cannon on the protesters.

Kashmir got attention of French parliament

Kashmir issue was highlighted for the very first time in French Parliament in a symposium organized by Mr. Jean Bernard Sempastous, the President of...

Boris Johnson stands still on his promise

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to meet Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, European Council President Donald Tusk, French President Emmanuel Macron and Germany's...



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