Study shows 60% of Saudi children spend too much time on cell phones

Study shows 60% of Saudi children spend too much time on cell phones
Study shows 60% of Saudi children spend too much time on cell phones :File Photo

Study by Kaspersky says that not all parents are in keeping with current internet trends or have enough knowledge about their children preferences.

According to the study of Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity software-support company , 23 per cent of parents in Saudi Arabia do not watch vlogs, a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos, and are not sure what is common among children. The picture, however, is different between the children themselves; 76 per cent of them watch video blogs, including those for games (71 per cent), video games (41 per cent), movies (39 per cent), and music (37 per cent).

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Video games are one of the most popular entertainment modules among children and teenagers. Some 90 per cent of children in the kingdom play video games, with more than half of them participating in multiplayer games, in which they can communicate with other participants while jointly playing a game.However, the interesting fact highlighted by the study is that only 8 per cent of families have disagreements about the digital life of their children, even though 60 per cent of parents said their children spent too much time on the phone or did nothing gainful (50 per cent).

Kaspersky recommends that parents take the following steps to maintain a friendly relationship with children and be aware of the content that children devote their time to on the internet:

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* Educating oneself by reading more on topics including internet trends, challenges, video games and new technologies, which will inform parents and improve dialogue with children.

* digital proCommunicate with the child and ask him/her about his or her hobbies and blems, and help him/her if necessary.

* Install a trusted security solution to learn about the child’s interests in the digital world.