Pak Army successfully tested surface to surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi

Pak Army

Pak Army has successfully tested a Surface to surface ballistic Missile today.

The missile “is capable of delivering multiple types of warheads up to 290 kilometers”, said Pak Army Maj Gen Ghafoor via a tweet, which also included a video of the launch.

According to DG ISPR, the president and prime minister “conveyed appreciation to the team and congratulations to the nation” for the successful testing of the missile.

Earlier in May, Pakistan conducted a successful training launch of Shaheen-II, a surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

In January, Pakistan witnesses another successful launch of the tactical ballistic missile Nasr as part of the Army Strategic Forces Command training exercise.

The missile is capable of defeating by assured penetration “any currently available BMD (Ballistic Missile Defence) system in our neighborhood or any other system under procurement or development”, the military’s media wing of Pak Army had said.

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