Oman to allow part-time jobs for expats soon

Oman to allow part-time jobs for expats soon

Oman citizens and expatriates will soon have the option to do part-time jobs as the country is seeking to diversify its economy,state agency says.

In its annual report, the governmental Implementation Support and Follow-Up Unit (ISFU) said the part-time job initiative aims to provide chances for Omanis to work part-time in the private sector. The same will be available for non-Omani labour according to temporary work permits, Omani newspaper reported, citing the ISFU report.

The step is designed to yield a host of benefits, according to experts.

“This decision will benefit many job seekers in the sultanate, including new graduates and those who want to increase their incomes,” Ahmed Al Huti, the head of the Economic Committee at the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said.

He cited an increasing demand for work mainly from young Omanis. “Some of those youth want to work part-time instead of having a permanent job in order to be able to move easily from one job to another,” Al Huti said. “Temporary jobs will be more beneficial to young people, especially new graduates, as this will help them gain experience and training,” he added.

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According to him, expatriates sometimes find themselves without work and they do not like to leave. “In this case, they can do temporary jobs under an agreement between three parties the employee, the current employer and the new employer. This will be very good. If I have a business, but I have no work for the expat to do, why should I pay his salary? It would be better if he gets another contract to work part-time. After this contract ends, he can return to the original company.”

The part-time work system will also cover those who already have a job. “As long as the matter is clear for all parties that you do your work and at the same time do a temporary job, you can go ahead,” he said. “We have to provide a dynamic environment for work.”

The part-time work system is expected to largely diversify Oman’s economy, as it will enable reaching skilled labour inside the sultanate and expand options at the job market. A related online system has been set up.

Studies are under way to devise policies that will regulate part-time work in Oman, the paper said.

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The step aims at making work in the country more flexible and generate as many economic benefits as possible for businesses and individuals alike.

Initially, 3,500 workers will be permitted to do part-time jobs in Oman, according to the ISFU. Several institutions are engaged in charting the part-time work scheme, including ministries of manpower, education and higher education, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Sultan Qaboos University as well as the private sector.

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