Kashmiris took big step to protect their women from Indian troops

SRINAGAR- The people to protect their mothers, sisters and daughters from humiliation and molestation threat imposed by Hindutva forces in uniform and civies, are constituting committees at street level to protect their women from the molestation threat imposed by the Indian troops in the occupied valley.

Kashmiris taking measures after the Modi-led government scrapped the special status of the occupied Kashmir.

The move comes in the wake of some derogatory remarks of fanatic leaders of communal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other communal Hindu forces that their members now could go to occupied Kashmir, settle in the territory and marry the Kashmiri women. These remarks were made by them following Narendra Modi-led Indian government’s decision of repealing special status of occupied Kashmir by scraping Article 370 of the Indian Constitution on 5th August, 2019.

“If we are united at Panchayat and Block level, even devil (Satan) can’t enter in our areas and homes,” the committees in their posters and handbills urged the people and asked them to make small mosques in their streets as their sitting and treatment places for interaction with each other and any kind of support their neighbors required.

The posters and handbills said, this is the time to be united like true Muslims. “History is being written and let’s prove that we are the best nation,” they said.

“All to be vigilant, no RSS member will be allowed to settle under the garb of Kashmiri Pandits. Leave snake but don’t trust collaborators. They will attack you like devil, please don’t trust them now. The entire nation is fervently appealed to be strong like a rock,” the posters and handbills said.

The committees have maintained that Hurriyat leaders, religious and Jamaat-e-Islami activists must remain in the lead role to protect the people and their great nation.

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