Chicago Auto Show and New Models updates

Chicago Auto Show and New Models updates
Chicago Auto Show and New Models updates :File Photo

Chicago Auto Show is now the first auto show of the calendar year, so the spotlight is a little bigger than it used to be.

For decades, the Detroit Auto Show kicked off every new year’s auto show rotation, but now that it’s moved to June, the Chicago Auto Show picks up the honors as the first show of the year. Whether or not this means Chicago will end up as happening as Detroit is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Auto show season is back, y’all.

While the lineup for Chicago isn’t the biggest or wildest, there are still some very important cars headed to the City of Big Shoulders. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see at McCormick Place this year.

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We are not quite sure what Ford is cooking up for the Chicago Auto Show, but we do know it involves the GT.

An invitation we received from the automaker promises us a look at “Ford’s newest combination of Le Mans-winning design and materials.” This could mean anything, really. Maybe we’ll get another peek at the GT Mk II, which was built for privateers who want something a little more hard-core than the street car. Or maybe we’ll get yet another new variant of GT, it’s anybody’s guess.

Shortly after the world rang in 2020, Genesis entered the next step of its business plan and introduced the GV80 SUV. In Chicago, many consumers will get to put their hands on this new luxury utility vehicle for the first time.

The GV80 is a stunner, with an exterior that looks like nothing else and an interior that puts a hefty priority on luxury. Its infotainment screens measures a whopping 14.5 inches, and the SUV will be available in five and seven-seat configurations.

Two engines will be on offer for US buyers a 2.5-liter turbocharged I4 and a 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6. We’ve already driven the GV80, and we have good things to say thus far.

While many potential Honda Civic Type R buyers have clamored for a wingless version that tones down the boy-racer aesthetic, this hot hatch’s 2020 upgrades are more about engineering and enhancing the driving experience even further.

The revised 2020 Honda Civic Type R will make its debut in Chicago after first appearing in Tokyo earlier this year.

In addition to rocking a new boost blue paint color, the updated CTR gets new brake rotors, new brake pads, new dampers and stiffer bushings. Inside, there’s a new steering wheel and a whole suite of standard safety systems.

The 2021 Jaguar F-Type gives the automaker’s two-door sports car a bit of a nip and tuck, and when it comes to Chicago, we’ll learn more about the variants specifically destined for the US market.

The F-Type’s looks are largely the same, save for a new front end that looks a little more like the rest of the Jaguar lineup. The interior picks up Jaguar’s latest Touch Pro infotainment system that includes both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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The chassis and its supporting bits have been tweaked to provide a little more stiffness and, thus, a little more fun on back roads.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 is the standard engine, but the F-Type can be fitted with everything up to a 575-horsepower V8.

There’s always room for another special-edition Jeep. The latest generation of Jeep Wrangler is still mighty fresh, but at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, Jeep will bring a new trim level that offers different looks and capabilities.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon blends off-road prowess with a little more style. Under the body live two Dana solid axles, in addition to a Rock-Trac transfer case and electronically locking differentials.

To give it a little bit of thrift, the Rubicon Recon will rock FCA’s 2.0-liter mild hybrid system.

Toyota has long used the Chicago Auto Show as a springboard to launch new special editions of its trucks and SUVs, and it appears 2020 will keep that trend alive.

Toyota hasn’t yet given an official answer as to what it will debut in Chicago. Instead, we only have a teaser telling us to “follow the trail,” which means we’re likely to run into more off-road-oriented variants of vehicles like the Tacoma. In fact, Toyota’s sole teaser image for Chicago includes the wheel of a Tacoma. We’ll find out more soon enough.

Volkswagen might have just unveiled the Atlas Sport, a two-row variant of its three-row crossover, but the automaker has a little up its sleeve for the larger of these two SUV siblings.

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Volkswagen intends to bring an updated version of the Atlas to the 2020 Chicago Auto Show. It will likely carry a new appearance that brings it closer to the Atlas Sport, including the reimagined VW logo that was recently unveiled. Inside, there will likely be more tech, covering both safety and creature comforts.

VWVortex believes the Atlas will also add all-wheel drive to its four-cylinder variant.

Chicago Auto Show is now the first auto show of the calendar year.