British PM Calls himself ‘Model of restraint’

British PM Calls himself 'Model of restraint'
British PM Calls himself 'Model of restraint':File Photo

British PM Calls himself ‘Model of restraint’ when it comes to language around the Brexit debate.

British Prime Minister was accused of dismissing abuse fears of female MPs as “humbug” during a heated Commons debate this week.
Mr Johnson said there had been a “misunderstanding” over his intention which he apologised for.
But he claimed there was a “cloud of indignation” around the use of terms like “surrender” to distract from MPs’ desire to frustrate Brexit.
Labour’s Angela Rayner said Mr Johnson should be “absolutely, utterly ashamed of himself”.
The shadow education secretary said the PM had “a direct strategy to divide our country”, which she called “really damaging”, but added that MPs on both sides of the Commons needed to “dial down that language and act responsibly”.

Mr Johnson repeatedly branded the law which forces him to ask the EU to delay Brexit, to avoid no-deal, a “Surrender Act” during his appearance on the programme.

He defended using the “legitimate” phrase which he called a “tried and tested metaphor”, on the Conservatives’ first day of their annual conference in Manchester.

But Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner accused the prime minister of trying to “inflame and divide our country”.

British PM said any such threats were “deplorable” but he did not regret “using the word surrender to describe the surrender act”.