Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Israel deploys more forces day in Jerusalem after Palestinians killed

Israel has deployed additional forces in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank after four Palestinians are killed in the last two days.

Russian President meets Netanyahu, reserves decision on Middle East plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Israeli prime minister in moscow while Putin has reserved judgement on Middle East plan.

Israeli Prime Minister indicted in court on corruption charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted in court on corruption charges after dropping immunity bid today.

Trump to release details of plan for Israel-Palestine

Trump is expected to release the details of a long-delayed plan for Israel-Palestine within days that likely to favour Israel.

Auschwitz-Birkenau camp survivors warn of rising anti-Semitism

Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp (Auschwitz concentration camp) survivors have warned of rising anti-Semitism in coming years.

Palestinians rejects Trump ‘peace plan’ expected to favour Israel

Palestinians rejects Donald Trump meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and said will not recognise 'peace plan' expected to favour Israel.

Israel releases prisoner convicted of spying

Israel has released two prisoners today,one of them was convicted of spying for Syria as part of a deal mediated by...

Israel to face turbulent time ahead

Israel to face turbulent time ahead as Political novice trying to oust Netanyahu while Benjamin Netanyahu is not giving up.

Israeli election: Netanyahu shown no sign of willingly giving up his...

Israeli election: President Reuven Rivlin announced in a statement he had invited Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny Gantz to a meeting as he...

Israel election caused fluster for Netanyahu

Israel is all set for crucial discussions on who should be the next Prime Minister as last week’s deadlocked election threatened Benjamin Netanyahu’s long...