Friday, January 22, 2021
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President Trump administration awards contract to make COVID-19 drugs

President Trump administration awarded a four-year, $354m contract to Phlow Corp to make COVID-19 drugs, other essential drugs and their ingredients. The pandemic has laid...

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam sued by pastor facing fine

Virginia church filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Northam after police threatened the pastor with jail time or fine for violating state's closures. Kevin Wilson,...

Tension simmers between Trump and governors over coronavirus testing

Tension simmers between Donald Trump and the nation's governors,many governors says budgets are being stretched to the limit by coronavirus-related costs. Tension simmers between President...

Pro-gun campaigners gathers in Richmond that raises fears of violence

Pro-gun campaigners are gathering in the Richmond City of Virginia for a rally that raises fears of violence,authorities says.