Thursday, March 23, 2023
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UK PM tells people to ‘Stay Alert’ as lockdown easing starts

UK PM Boris Johnson urged people to “stay alert” to coronavirus risks, as he prepared to outline plans for gradually easing lockdown measures. The government’s...

UK denies residency to Cambridge sociologist

UK has denied permanent residency to Indian sociologist at Cambridge University Dr Asiya Islam who has lived in the country for ten...

UK government plan to amend early prison release rule

UK government will introduce emergency legislation to stop people convicted of terror crimes being released after serving half their sentences.

European parliament to ratify terms of Brexit deal

European Parliament are bidding farewell to UK colleagues ahead of a final vote on the Brexit deal,UK will leave the bloc on...

Britain should cut salary threshold for migrants:Report

Britain should cut a salary threshold for migrants to 25,600 pounds ($33,650) a year to help fill jobs after Brexit:Report

UK wants US post-Brexit trade deal and a tech tax

UK wants a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States but is insisting on imposing a digital service tax on the revenue...

Iranian president warns foreign forces in Middle East

Iranian President has told foreign powers to withdraw their forces from the Middle East,they "may be in danger" if they remain in...

British Prime Minister rejects second referendum request

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has officially rejected second formal independence referendum request the Scottish government.

UK moves closer to leaving European Union

UK Parliament will pass landmark legislation enacting the country's departure from the European Union bloc,MPs finally set to approve Brexit deal.

UK will negotiate a post-Brexit free trade deal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Britain will negotiate a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US and European Union.

British commuters face fare rise in rail

British millions of commuters are hit by Rail fares which rise by 2.7%,commuters face an increase of more than £100 for annual...

Brussels may demand its own Brexit extension

Brussels may demand own Brexit extension to agree a trade deal with the UK after it leaves the European Union in January.

Independent Group for Change failed to win a parliamentary seat

The Independent Group for Change, also known as Change UK, is to start "winding up" as a political party, following its general...

Tony Blair urged Labour party to end socialism

Tony Blair has urged Labour party to end 'crazy revolutionary socialism as it seeks a new leader after its worst election defeat...

Conservative Party win big majority in UK election

Conservative Party was on course for a resounding victory in Britain’s election after voters backed his bid to deliver Brexit on January...

United Kingdom snap general election underway dominated by Brexit

United Kingdom Snap election called by Prime Minister Johnson aims to end months of political deadlock over UK's bid to exit EU.

Julian Assange ‘could die’ doctors tell authorities

Julian Assange 'could die' in jail his condition is critical,some 60 doctors tell British interior minister in open letter.

Brexit party leader ask for change in Brexit deal

Brexit party leader who is not standing as an MP has asked for change in Brexit deal, previously said the Withdrawal Deal...

Pact signed between pro-European union parties

Pact has been signed between pro-European union parties to give voters a single Remain choice in dozens of constituencies at the General...

UK plan to raise minimum wage after next month

UK plan to raise minimum wage after next month to £10.50 an hour have been backed by experts who say the job...

UK PM denounce bombshell court ruling

UK PM denounce the verdict as “wrong” and, faced with calls to resign, challenged the main opposition Labour Party and others to call an...

UK PM Boris Johnson took strong stance on Brexit plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he will try to find a way to bypass the law passed by parliament, which was voted...