Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Israel Uncertain over controversial process of West Bank annexation

Israel has signaled that occupied West Bank annexation controversial plan not imminent as Palestinians gather for renewed protests. An announcement on Israel's planned annexation of...

UN chief declares Israel’s annexation plans ‘illegal’

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says Israel's annexation plans 'illegal' and warned that 'shock waves of annexation will last for decades'. Israel's aim to...

Roya TV executives arrested by Jordan military

Roya TV executives are arrested for reporting on lack of jobs and money needed by labourers to feed families under curfew. The Jordanian military has...

Tunisian designated Prime minister announces cabinet formation

Tunisian designated Prime minister Habib Jemli has announced cabinet formation,new government will be put to parliament for a vote.

Jordan finance minister reject new taxes claim in budget

Jordan finance minister Al Ississ said that there is no new taxes in proposed 2020 budget we will crack down on tax...
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