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Germany to implement stricter citizenship rules

Germany is planing a law,immigrants living in Germany under a false name would later find it extremely difficult to become citizens. Under a draft law,immigrants...

German Military adviser goes on trial for leaking secrets

German Military adviser is accused of passing state secrets to the Iranian secret service while working as a translator German military.

Farmers protesters blocked Berlin roads

Farmers protesters have blocked Germany capital Berlin roads, it came after a mass protest by the Land schafft Verbindung in November.

German Rescue ship captain’s conviction overturned

German Rescue ship captain Claus-Peter Reisch conviction was overturned by Malta court,he did not enter Maltese waters with criminal intent.

Germany urges talks with Iran to end tensions

Germany has urged direct talks with Iran to ease tensions after the US airstrike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

German airports can expect decline in flights and passenger in 2020

German Airports Association (ADV) has forecasted that German airports can expect a decline in flights and passenger numbers in 2020.

Germans Transgender demands compensation after forced sterilisation

Germans Transgender demanding compensation after forced sterilisation,Prior to legal reform in 2011 sterilisation was mandatory.

Brussels may demand its own Brexit extension

Brussels may demand own Brexit extension to agree a trade deal with the UK after it leaves the European Union in January.

German economy avoid recession

German economy has narrowly avoided a technical recession, after the latest figures showed the country's economy grew by 0.1% in the third...

Brexit update:Michel Barnier brutal verdict on PM Johnson

Brexit update:Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Michel Barnier has said UK and Brussels are "not really in a position" to find agreement. Ahead of...



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