Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Anti-corruption party takes lead in Slovakia election

Anti-corruption party (OLaNO) has won a resounding victory in Slovakia's parliamentary election on a wave of anti-corruption sentiment. With nearly all results counted, the party...

Airbus makes deal to settle corruption probe

Airbus has agreed a settlement with French, British and US authorities following lengthy investigations into allegations of bribery and corruption.

Israeli Prime Minister indicted in court on corruption charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted in court on corruption charges after dropping immunity bid today.

Former Egyptian army contractor steps away from politics

Former Egyptian army contractor Mohamed Ali who is considered to be cause of anti-government rallies and protests, steps away from politics.

Algeria demands heavy sentences for both ex-PMs

Algeria is demanding heavy sentences for both ex-Prime Ministers.Attorney General of the court of Sidi Mhamed requested on Sunday for it.

Trump attacks forced Hunter Biden to step down

Trump attacks has forced Hunter Biden to step down from China Board.He would also not work for any foreign-owned companies if his father were...